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Step 1: check the wheels

Repair range: original coating materials such as aluminum alloy wheel rims, suitable for all kinds of shapes wheel size...

Step 2: remove the tyres

1, the tire is removed first

2, put off the pressure of the tire

3, the tire extruding flat state directly dial the tire machine on the wheels is removed (this can be avoid in the construction of water infiltration into the tire)

Step 3: check wheels damage,Preparation: according to the original color of wheels is ready for toning

(a) wheels with gap,Use the program wheel gap is special material

1, the damaged parts first cleaned clean

2, take out the material, according to the size of the damaged area, take the material of the corresponding amount (note: should look at the gap before repairing damage size, if more than 3 cm width and depth is not recommended for repair, if the gap loss degree of shallow ought to use hacksaw slightly darker, so after repairing the gap would firmly)

3, will cut the material with fingers to pinch the soft, uniform, when we have found that there are tiny hard objects can take off, so that the repair effect will be better

4, to press molded materials in the damaged wheels gaps, according to the model of wheel hub

5, use special equipment to heat drying, if use short-wave infrared heat lamp for baking effect is better

6, for material solidified completely (20 minutes time: the temperature above 25 ℃, dry), with 180-320 to the wheel hub agreement on the basic original state of sand paper burnish, with special quick dry then 2 k car special primer spraying again after grinding, coupled with wheels fixed ash mended;After being its curing, continue to polish until the surface smoothness, and then spray paint to dry, silver wheels finally spraying special materials.(note: the above all render every link to completely dry, avoid to cause serious influence after spraying materials surface hardness)

(b) No gap wheels, just  surface scratch, yellowing, cracking conditions

1, according to different damage degree to choose different types of sand paper to grind

2, with wheels repair ash fill where there is scratches on repair

3, use special equipment to dry

4, use 180 #, 320 # # sandpaper polishing successive

5, with 600 #, 800 # dry sandpaper the whole surface of a steel cutting into matte

6, the wheel hub is special primer spraying at scratches to fill

7, in 100-120 degrees 60 minutes to dry

8, into a dumb light again

Step 5: sealing side

1, will cover the membrane with universal wheels cover well

2, use except oil wipe the surface of wheel rim

3, the use of equipment to dry

4, with dust cloth wipe the surface dust

Step 6: spray primer, paint

1, spray primer uniform on the whole, or damaged parts, after drying to continue to find for trachoma, must take all trachoma in good repair ash fill (note: put an end to use the "filling envy of ash")

2, the deployment will be a good paint spray evenly on the wheels

Step 7: spraying special repair material

1,The deployment of good wheel repair special materials

2, the deployment will pour material special repair spray gun

3, adjust good gun atomization

4, the wheels on the surface of disposable uniform spraying spraying two commonly

5, the oven temperature control 100 degrees, 60 minutes

Step 8: check the wheels

1, to check whether there is a small amount of wheels surface dust particles

2, if any, use 2000 # water sand paper burnish

3, with high-speed polishing machine to pour a little microcrystalline in polishing polishing glaze

4, with a clean towel to wipe rims, check whether the rim is light

Step 9: Install the tire

Balancing 2, full of pressure, after installation